The Workings of Radon

Annual Deaths From Selected Causes

Airline Crashes Fires Drownings Drunk Driving RADON DEATHS PER YEAR According to 2013 CDC statistics, Radon causes more deaths in the United States every year than drunk driving, drownings, fires and airline crashes combined. 153/yr (last decade) Airline fatalities 3468 (upto 2013) Fire fatalities 390/yr (2013-2014) Drowning 9967 Drunk Driving [...]

How Radon causes Lung Cancer

As you breathe radon and radon decay products enters your lung. As radon decays, it releases small bursts of energy called alpha particles. These energy bursts can damage lung tissue and over time lead to lung cancer. The higher your radon level, the greater your risk of developing lung cancer.

What Is Radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally by the breakdown of uranium in rock and soil. Radon is one of the nation’s most important environmental threats – one that places people at risk in their own homes. Radon under and adjacent to buildings, migrates through foundations, cracks and small openings and concentrates inside buildings. [...]