I live in Hancock Park in the heart of Los Angeles, and never expected to find high radon levels on our property. So I was shocked to discover that our backyard garage tested at a level of 16. After finding Eddie Huchingson listed on the California Dept. of Public Health website, I called him in a panic. Eddie was terrific—very sympathetic and knowledgable—patiently discussing with me the conditions that might have contributed to our radon problem, and various options to remedy the situation. Within a few days Eddie came by with several high-tech monitors to test other areas of our home. He then installed a PVC pipe under the garage floor slab, that connected to a fan mounted on the garage exterior. The installation was a breeze—Eddie did immaculate work. When we re-tested the garage after his installation, its radon level was miraculously low–below 1.0. (This is even lower than the average radon level of outdoor air). Needless to say we’re thrilled. For his exceptional professional attitude and skillful execution (as well as very reasonable price) we can’t recommend Eddie Huchingson highly enough. Truly the best in the business!

Pat Peyser, Los Angeles

I am most impressed by Healthy Home Construction Services and the owner Eddie Hutchinson. He is honest, reliable, friendly, and cares about doing a good job. He originally told me he would only need to put in one radon mitigation system, but when he saw that the slab beneath my home was divided down the middle, he put in a second system and didn’t ask for any additional money. It’s hard to find people with his level of knowledge and expertise, especially because he is a contractor and therefore understands how houses are built.

I normally hate having work done in my house because I often run into problems, but with Eddie everything was easy and pleasant. He and his crew were great and I would recommend him to anyone! (I’ve already recommended him to my daughter and she is equally as impressed!)

Melodie Kaufman, Woodland Hills

Eddie is on time, hardworking, efficient, and a really good guy. He got my radon down from 12 to 1.5. I am extremely happy with his service and the results. If you need a radon fix, Eddie is the only guy you need to call.

William M.

If I could give this company 100 stars I would. One of the best experiences I’ve had. Recently purchased a home that tested high for Radon. Being from the East Coast I know all too well of the presence and danger of Radon in the home. Finding a mitigator in California is not easy…I believe there are only a few licensed to do this in the state. I found Eddie Hutchingson. He was spectacular from beginning to end and the results were amazing.

As a mitigator, Eddie installed a pipe from the ground out of the house with a quiet fan that takes the Radon out of the home. It has worked beautifully and is unseen and non-intrusive. Eddie and his guys are very respectful and their work is fast & diligent. This a family business. Eddie and his wife Tracy are beyond lovely and really take pride in what they do. They are both very hands on. Communicative, professional, knowledgable, prompt, hard working, very reasonable and such a pleasure to deal with. He told me exactly what to expect, with an exact estimate and kept his word.

Really such a wonderful experience all around.

Lisa Rhodes

Eddie reduced the radon concentration inside our home from 5.0 to 0.3. Eddie and team did a great job, are competitively priced, and accommodated our schedules. Highly recommend Eddie!

Andre Theus
Eddie is fantastic! Can’t recommend him enough. Answered all of my questions (and I ask a LOT of questions). He was incredibly informative about radon, but also helpful regarding many other aspects of home construction. Could not have had a better experience from beginning to end. Competively priced, hardworking, polite and most importantly, he reduced our levels from 5.2 to around 0.5.
Paul Bartholomew

Eddie was terrific. He was extremely responsive and professional. He did a great job on our radon system, and he also offered excellent advice on other issues based on his experience as a general contractor. I highly recommend using him.

L. Hickman