The U.S Surgeon General’s office recommends testing your home for Radon and retesting any time that you make structural changes to your home or if you occupy a previously unused level of the house, particularly a lower level.

Unfortunately, high levels of Radon can be the downside to having an energy efficient home so it makes sense to test after making energy saving changes to your home.

Earthquakes and any seismic activity can also effect Radon levels. Homes that have tested with low levels of Radon may show hazardous levels of Radon in response to seismic activity.

Testing for radon is easy and convenient and there are a few ways to test.

You can purchase a basic test from many hardware stores or online. These tests can then be sent to a laboratory for results. These are passive tests and can be reasonably accurate if you follow all directions carefully. You can also use an independent environmental testing company who will come to your home and set a test under all the right circumstances and then return to collect the test and provide you with the test results.

As a testing and Mitigation full-service provider, we also come to your home and activate a test in the optimal area of the home. We use RS Radstar300 radon monitors which give the most accurate reading for every hour for at least 48 hours. These monitors have an internal memory and are completely tamper proof, it will even note if a door or window was opened during the test. We will pick up the test and provide you with a comprehensive report.

If your test results show a level of 4pCi/L or above you will need to take steps to remedy the problem as soon as possible.

We will be happy to answer any questions and talk you through the mitigation process as well as supplying you with a full quote for all the work.